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Prologue 2         

The girl awoke the next morning to the sound of someone calling her name. When she opened her eyes and looked up she was staring into a pair of olive green orbs.

"Alicia have you been here all morning?" A soft male voice asked. Worry was laced in the man's voice. Alicia stretched and rubbed the sleep out her eyes before she was able to muffle her yawn with her hand. "No I've been her since 10:00 yesterday morning."

She said. But sleep was still thick in her tone along with fear and anxiety. The green eyed boy would know. Because he was good at reading people or maybe just good at reading her. After all he wasn't really a person himself. Well in human wise anyway.

Alicia looked him in the face. His normally handsome features where set in a unreadable mask while his barley tanned face hid behind his long blood red hair. At that moment like others they've shared she truly believed that he was only humanized. "I'm afraid I have some grave news for you."
He said as his fist balled you at his sides. His nails dug into the soft flesh drawing blood that started to drip down towards the sidewalk. Alicia jumped up so fast that she accidentally bumped heads with the redhead.

The force of their heads colliding was so hard that it sent her stumbling backwards towards the cement below her feet. But the redhead was fast and caught her in a low dip. She locked eyes with him and he gave he a dazzling smile before he pulled her up right.

But all to soon his smile turned grim once more. "He's not coming back." He whispered. She blinked at him. "Who's not coming back Kurama?" She asked innocently. Kurama avoided her eyes and looked towards the ground.
Her doe like eyes turned into narrow slots and changed to a light lavender color in her moment of anger. "What the hells going on guys?" She bit out. Not caring about her  sudden lack of manners. All that she was met with was silence.

"That's it you two if you don't tell me right now I'm going to flip the fuck out and you both know what that means. Don't you Kurama. And you to Yoko.!" When Kurama lifted his head to lock eyes with hers they where no longer the olive green ones that had tried to comforted her. No now they where a mastalgic golden color.  

"Well it is quite simple my little goddess." A silky smooth voice purred from Kurama's mouth.

It was softer and more old. Like the voice of a Greek god. "The bottom line is that Lil Firefly wishes not to come back any long.

You see he has found a more suitably female a female demon to be exact to do
what your feeble human body can not handle.
She is Very and I do synthesize very feisty, and knowing her she problem wouldn't mind sharing him with you but she'd want a taste of your sweetness first of course.

You know her being a more dominate female and all. Or.." He trailed off as he brushed her hair behind her right ear and should so that the whole side of her neck was display for him.

He bent down so that his mouth was close to her ear and whispered the rest in a seductive tone of voice. "Or I could take you." He said before he slowly ran his tongue up and down her neck. His blunt teeth turn into razor sharp canines as they lightly glazed the pulse point between her shoulders and neck so he wouldn't brake the delicate skin.
The demonic creature was so caught up in himself that he never saw the small fist flying his way or the being on top of the building behind him.

When he felt the young girls fist colliding with his jaw he snapped out of his little daydream as the bone made a creaking sound. He jerked back at an inhuman speed spitting out a couple mouthfuls blood.

Alicia stood still. She was stiffer than a corpse at the morgue. She watched as her tall handsome red headed friend shifted into a seven  foot tall silver fox demon. His ears where back and his tail was puffed up in fury.

He bent down and twisted her hair in his hands as he yanked her into a rough kiss. He forced his tongue into her mouth trying to seduce her into wanting him.
She could feel his sent starting to fog over her brain and she could taste his blood on her tongue. He tasted sweet and delicious. But before she fell under his spell her senses quickly came back to her as she bit back  tears of anguish as she rammed her elbow into his gut.

He shoved her back so hard that her back slammed into the brick wall behind her. He smirked at the tiny blush on her checks and at her rising anger.

"You son of a bitch! How could you dishonor your friend like that? Hiei is a grown male despite his height and appearance at times! He has honor obviously that's something that You lack!"

Alicia shouted as she pointed her finger at him. "And you almost exposed demons to the god damn entire island of Okinawa! And besides  he doesn't beat around the bush like you and the others do.

He'd tell me himself. Not hid behind you! There is only little I can do to him if that's how he felt.
Remember despite my strength he's still stronger. Oh and for another thing Mr.  Suductor. Do not and I repeat DO NOT ever talk to me or referee to me as nothing more than a scarlet whore again or I will find a way to kill you."

She screamed at the gigantic male before her. "Well than you will just have to learn the hard way and here it from him than. But remember my little goddess that my offer is always open and so is my bed." "Fuck you Yoko!" She screamed. "So tempting."

He said before shifting back into Kurama once more. But before Kurama could utter a single word Hiei was standing in the middle of the two friends.

Alicia sighed in relief. The smaller demon turned to glare daggers at the fox before his cinnamon colored orbs locked on the girls now brown ones.

When Alicia looked into his eyes she finally knew that what Yoko said was true on some level or another. The truth was write all over his face and the smell of sex was all around his short frame. "I want to here it from you. Is it true what the fox said?"

She asked in a shaky tone. "Every word of it human. And I know you have our since of smell so you figured that part out yourself. But you where right about one thing."

"Oh what was that?" She asked in a small voice. His eyes widen in shock for a brief second. He never heard her use that kind of voice before. He gave her a knowing wicked smile.

"I was going to tell you myself. But the fox saved use the awkwardness." He said turning to their friend. Kurama was about to leave until he saw the smaller male shake his head.

So the fox just stood there. Hiei turned his attention back to the girl. "Do you still want to here the rest?" He asked cruelly.

He smirked his trade mark smirk because he knew her answer before he asked the question.

Because he knew her like the back of his hand. She looked him in his eyes and answered in a mellow tone. "Yes."


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